Men’s Style Magazine asks Will Fennell some quick questions….

1. What are your 3 tips for looking 10 years younger?

– I love silver hair on men but the simple fact is grey hair whether it be in your beard or on your head will age you (I keep my beard long because my bf loves it). So if you are grey – keep it short. Unless you’re Richard Gere, for some reason it works on this man, but only on this man.

– Thin out your eyebrows. Taking the hair away from underneath the brow can open up the eye area; making you appear less tired and droopy eyed. Be careful though one over zealous wax and you could be doing back up miming for a Drag Queen at Stonewall Hotel!

– Try using moisturisers that have light reflecting particles in them. Its not makeup as such, but the pigments will give the illusion that your skin is fresh and hydrated. Remember a little bit goes a long way, so make sure you don’t look like a mirror ball.

2. Which grooming faux pas instantly ages?


Too much lose powder on the face takes away any youthful glow that a good foundation or tinted moisturiser will give.


Grey re-growth from a die job that was too dark to look natural in the first place instantly ages you! This is a dead give away that you are not only older, but desperately clinging onto your youth.

3. Which grooming technique do you never want to see again and why?

Overly manicured beards on men can make a sexy accessory look like a mid-life crisis. If you need a protractor, side mirrors and 45 minutes every morning, you are trying too hard; leave it to the young ones.

4. If you could groom anyone, who would it be and why?

I jumped in a cab the other day next to a very handsome looking man as my driver. Upon closer inspection I could see he had bushes of hair coming out of every orifice of his head. I am not talking about a little fuzz on his outer earlobe; he could have actually plaited the hair descending from his nose.

The simple fact was all that hair took him from a 9 down to a 4 out of 10. It was simply poor grooming letting him down. Yes, I did give him my business card!

5. Who do you think has great style and why?

Tom Ford is my style icon.

His style is simple but incredibly sexy; I think his secret is the clothes he wears never over shadow his rugged good looks; they just accentuate his masculinity and strong features.

6. How would you describe your style?

I went through having the need to be manicured and “over-done” in my twenties and I have now relaxed somewhere in the middle. I like to have some facial hair, I feel most at home in a ralph lauren polo or shirt and jeans and I only wear classic fragrances such as Safari by Ralph Lauren. If someone asked me what pulls all that together for me; I’d have to say a big warm smile.

7. What inspired you to become a grooming guru?

I had terrible pimples as a teenager. When you have been through the trauma of bad skin you truly know what it does to someone’s self-confidence. My love affair with grooming and beauty began with a desire to help people that suffer from acne.