Here's a few things you may not know...


My grandmother sabotaged my first date with a girl. Actually I think that my mother still blames her for my sexuality. It was the eve of my first grade-seven disco.  Of course, this coincided with the eruption of my debut pubescent pimple, smack bang in the middle of my chin – a reverse dimple.  Nana Rose, a woman of a million handy hints, suggested that I put methylated spirits on it – “it’ll dry it right out poppet”, she reasoned.  It was growing by the hour – nerves maybe – and, with the disco starting in less than 24 hours, I figured I had nothing to lose.

I was wrong – this was one of those situations where the cure is worse than the disease.  Not only did the metho not get rid of the monster zit, it left the skin around it looking like I had been attacked with a fire blower.

Needless to say, this reduced my chances of hooking up with my date, Candy, to zero.  To this day I am sure that my mother thinks that if it had not been for Gran and her home remedies, Candy would have kissed me at that disco and I would now be happily married – to a woman – living in Burwood with three kids….

Little did she know that I always had my eye on Candy’s older brother David anyhow – but that’s another story.

The metho cure was one of my Gran’s beauty myths… she told me several and I believed all of them… She also told me playing with myself would make me go blind…

Thankfully I chose not to believe that one and you certainly shouldn’t believe everything you hear or read either…

Skin care needs to be expensive………. FICTION

Very often with expensive skin care products you are paying for the packaging and the brand name. Occasionally however you will be paying more dollars for patented ingredient technology such as “Idebenone” a bioengineered version of the ingredient Co Enzyme Q10 in the PRIORI skin care range.

Shaving your hair will make it grow back more………. FICTION

Shaving cuts off the hair with a blunt edge at the skin level giving the look and feel that, as the hair grows back, there is more hair coming through than before. Think about it – if this myth was true, Bruce Willis would have hair like Cindy Crawford – he has been shaving his head for years.

Sunscreen gives you spots………. FACT

The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide found in sunscreens certainly can clog the pores of some people. To avoid getting pimples from your sun protection always double clean your skin in the evening. Try massaging olive oil into your skin first to remove the sunscreen – as oil effectively dissolves oil – and then use a foaming cleanser to remove all traces of the oil and sunscreen.

If you use one skin care product from a specific range you need to use all the products from the same range……………FICTION

Skin does not recognise particular skin care ranges, it only responds to the ingredients in the bottle. It is greedy skin care companies that encourage brand loyalty to make more money.

Alcohol in skin care will “close” my pores……….. FICTION

You cannot “close” your pores as the skin’s pores do not open and close. Instead alcohol will just dehydrate and irritate your skin. “SD Alcohol”, a very common and extremely cheap skin care ingredient is the worst culprit and should be avoided, especially in after-shave products in which it often appears.