Will and Peta

Grooming Guy, Media Presenter, Writer/Author and Wellness Warrior.
Will Fennell has made the passion he has for skin care, health and wellness into a lifestyle program he loves to share.

Grooming Guy.

After completing my studies I ignored all the advice I was given from my peers about the market for men’s grooming and in 1996 opened my first skin care clinic aimed at men. Everyone told me it would never work, but I knew that all men needed was the ability to go somewhere that didn’t threaten their masculinity.

Perhaps it was luck, maybe it was my insane passion, but from day one it was a great success. I still own this very busy male-friendly clinic, ‘Will and Peta’, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“I want people to be happy and healthy”

Will Fennell
Will Fennell

Media Presenter.

E ven after opening my salon, I knew I wanted to do more. So, I began writing a small grooming column for a local newspaper. I never imagined that pint-size quarter page article would lead to eventually being cast as the ‘Grooming Guy’ for Aussie Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – an experience that allowed me to reach and help more people.

After the Queer Eye roller coaster finished, I was excited to be involved as a makeover artist on Channel 7’s very successful 10 Years Younger in 10 Days. After 10 Years finished, I didn’t want to stop doing TV, so Channel 7 invited me on as a regular beauty and grooming expert on The Morning Show and also on the afternoon lifestyle show, New Idea TV.

In early 2015, London Mgmt invited me to join them and since then I have shot campaigns for brands such as BMWJaguarCrane BrothersMJ BaleSamsungWestpacMyer and QANTAS.

Whilst I enjoy modelling – presenting and hosting is what is really exciting for me. I have been able to explore this more thanks to my family at Mocha Publishing. For several years I have hosted both the Australian Beauty Industry Awards and the Australian Hairdressing Industry Awards.

“Do I still get nervous when I am presenting to a room full of people? Absolutely, especially when no one is laughing at my jokes”!

Will Fennell

Writer / Author.

My editorial work in DNA Magazine over the past 10 years is something I am truly proud of. It has given me a huge international audience and I love that I still regularly get health and grooming questions from all over the world.

“You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth, so give your skin the same attention by cleaning and protecting it every day”

I have grown up whilst writing for DNA, I probably shared too much of my personal life each month with my readers, but I wouldn’t change a thing I’ve written or done. I just wanted to make people smile whilst helping them and I hope I did that.

“My secret is the BIODROGA Anti-Time Premium Concentrate. With hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins, it’s food for healthy skin”.

Will Fennell
Will Fennell
Will Fennell

Wellness Warrior.

I now want to use this natural forte and my 20 years experience in the health and beauty industry to create something unique and exciting.

My life partner Mathieu and I have teamed up to create our new ‘Wellness’ brand and concept, focused on holistically helping people who are in “recovery” from life, it will launch in 2017.

“Health and wellness has always been a part of my life. I was an international level athlete in my teens, so I grew up with an eagerness for looking after my body and mind and the determination to succeed at it”.

“In 2012 I was honored to become the international ambassador and face of German cosmetic icon BIODROGA.

Several companies over the years have tried, but my endorsement for something I don’t believe in can’t be bought. When it comes to skin care my integrity is paramount, and as a skin therapist, it’s all I have in the end.

With Le Skin Bar, I want to share BIODROGA with you".

Will Fennell, Grooming Guy, Media Presenter, Writer/Author and Wellness Warrior

“Skin care is my passion and BIODROGA my greatest love!”

Will Fennell, Grooming Guy, Media Presenter, Writer/Author and Wellness Warrior

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