I will begin this post by gloating about the fact I have the most beautiful feet… Yes, call me vain, a boaster, big headed… But yup, they are heaven!

Feet are literally our foundation, they support us, but they also take quite a beating, carrying our weight whilst squashed into shoes and socks most of the day – stewing in their own juices. So give your feet a treat with a pedicure. A pedicure from a salon will stimulate blood flow to the feet, tidy nails and remove dry, dead skin that is common around the heels.

Serious feet problems such as corns may require the advice of a qualified podiatrist. Tinea or fungal infections can be treated with non-prescription anti fungal creams available at the chemist; or for a natural approach try using straight tea tree oil. One thing to remember with tinea is to continue treatment for two weeks after the infection appears to have cleared as it is usually still present but not visible.

Also, disinfect your shoes with a product like Glen 20 to keep your shoes fresh. At home you can use a pedi-paddle (a stone attached to a paddle) to remove the dead skin around the heel. Use the pedi-paddle after bathing but make sure you dry your foot first.

HINT A great way to look after your feet is to use a soothing foot gel whilst you sleep – something containing peppermint – or simply add six of drops of peppermint oil to sorbolene cream and pop on some socks before bed.