Dear Will, I am confused. I’ve read that men’s skin is the same as women. If this is the case, why do we need skin care products specially tailored for men?


Men’s skin really is very similar to women’s skin. Sure we have different needs when it comes to shaving and we might have a few more oil glands, but structurally it’s pretty much the same. So your question is an interesting one, and one that I am often asked –  “Is there really a need for male-specific skin care ranges?”


The answer from a marketing angle is definitely, yes!


Men still lag behind women when it comes to skin care and general grooming. Maybe this is because men don’t seem to care as much, or maybe it’s because skin care companies never targeted men until recently and conditioning like this takes decades to change. So in my opinion if it takes putting the word “MEN” like BIODROGA INSTITUT do with their new men’s range for the boys to start playing with skin care then I’m all for it.


However, honestly don’t expect anything radically different from the cream that caters to men and women. They might smell a little more masculine – think pine, menthol, eucalyptus –  but at the end of the day they generally all contain the same ingredients.


Check out BIODROGA MEN 24-H MOISTURIZING FLUID. It is a super hydrator (puts lots of moisture into the skin), calms shaving rash and will leave absolutely no greasy film on the skin. It is one of my biggest selling skin care products at Will and Peta Skin Clinic.