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bellabox… actually, that should be bellobox!

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Imagine a beach in Rio packed with hot Brazilians in those little red swimmers that make them look like they have a size 16 Steggles chicken down the front. Suitably excited? That is exactly how I felt when my first Bellabox For Men arrived, chock-full of new grooming products for me to play with. This concept, where each month you receive a box of beauty goodies to trial has been a smash hit with women. BELLABOX are to my knowledge the first to target the men’s market and their debut gets two thumbs up from me. Sometimes these boxes are filled with small sample sizes, but the Bellabox For Men features plenty of retail size products, like Milk Scrub + Cleanse Wipes and Visibly Fit Moisturiser from Akin, which makes this particular box fantastic value for money. My favourite goodie is the Active C Scrub from One Skin System. It is an effervescent vitamin C facial scrub and not just because I like saying effervessssssscent, this stuff is addictive.


If you’re a product whore who loves trying new grooming things or just prefer the idea of someone choosing what you should be using then subscribe now. The crew at Bellabox have just about sold out of the box so but I promised to kiss them all if they saved us some – just tick the DNA option (open to my blog readers too) when you purchase so they know you’re VIP. I am off now to play some more with my box – don’t be rude!