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Honey and leather? A fragrance review by richard dinsdale

By 25/11/2011 No Comments

Launched in 2004 and one part of a scent trilogy (Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois D’Argent), commissioned by Hedi Slimane, Bois d’Argent has been described by other fragrance bloggers as the modern day scent of the trio; although it works equally well at night.


The perfumer, Annick Menardo, has been responsible for some other well known fragrances, including: Bulgari Black, Dielsel Fuel For Life, Hypnotic Poison, Body by Kouros and Boss Bottled.


Described as intimate and profound on Dior’s own website, Bois d’Argent goes on in a burst of wood and incense with a good lashing of honey, which can be a bit cloying or overpowering to some people, including myself. Some online reviews describe it as a sweet fragrance but with a note that suggests iris root, and as such, every time I go to wear it, I find it very difficult to get past these initial notes.  The image this brings to mind is a pot mixed with bamboo stems and carrot sticks or some other root vegetable covered in a musky honey. With persistence, it can be worth the wait. Once the honey settles, it becomes rather velvety and woody, but the iris does poke through. The resulting musky vanilla with the honey and leather can be quite pleasant.


Similar to some other fragrances in my collection, I apply this soon after showering while the skin is still slightly open. How much to spray – not a lot.  How long does it last – depending on the conditions, it sometimes doesn’t appear to have a lot of longevity, probably due to “smell fatigue” but you’ll definitely smell it again the next morning both on yourself and on your clothes.


I’m usually a Dior Homme (the original, not the sport) person, and have read reviews that have suggested that Bois d’Argent is a sequel to or a better reformulation of Dior Homme, so this was slightly disappointing. It is a sophisticated fragrance, but it doesn’t seem to do much. For me, a great fragrance makes the most of all it’s layers and notes. My bottle sits in its paper tube in my cupboard and does get an occasional outing, when I want to wear something that’s distinctive and won’t be smelt out there on the high street. Incidentally, I’ve never worn it on a warm day and feel it is better suited to cooler weather.


Bois d’Argent, whose range also includes a candle, can be found in Dior and other specialty boutiques.