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reworking a classic. A review by Murray


The top notes in Cravache are fresh and crisp, and remind me very much of one of my all-time favourites, Eau Sauvage. As the middle notes come in, it still retains the sharpness, but with a subtle warmth.


Cravache is heavier than say Eau Sauvage, and, with the dry down, I would say this is more of a cooler month fragrance. I was relieved that after half an hour the vetiver was subtle yet distinctive, and, thankfully the patchouli (I am not a big fan) was not overpowering. I thought Cravache might have left a powdery dry down. I was happy and relieved it didn’t. Powdery fragrances on men are not a good thing!


It is a stylish and sophisticated scent, and I can understand why you like it (I told him that I loved it). It’s not something to wear with jeans and a t-shirt, more with a collared shirt and trousers, or a suit.


Wearing Cravache in the winter and spring would be ideal, as the patchouli and vetiver could become cloying in the warmer weather. Great, very simple bottle; one may say cheap looking, but to me it looks simple and classy. Silver and black is always a winner in my mind.


Will Fennell

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BEAUTY & GROOMING EXPERT By the age of 14, having grown up stealing his sister’s skin care and make-up to experiment with on his friends, Will Fennell, grooming expert for Channel Seven, knew his destiny was nothing less than “the pursuit of my own and others’ flawless complexions”!

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