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Braun announce the coach of football club Real Madrid, the extremely sexy and stylish Jose Mourinho as global brand ambassador…

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Braun, the global leader in men’s grooming, has announced world renowned football coach José Mourinho as the brand’s first ever global men’s dry shaving ambassador. With his unparalleled success both on and off the pitch José Mourinho is a natural fit for Braun’s latest shaving campaign.


What is it like to be the new face of Braun?


JM: You know, since I started working I’ve been chased by some brands who want to use my image. And since the beginning my criteria was based around not just doing it for money. I work with a brand because I feel something about the product. I cannot represent a brand that I don’t feel connected with.


When I tried Braun for the first time, I found using it really comfortable. And the results were consistently good. So it’s a brand that I like. A brand with prestige. I think it’s a good partnership.


Does your wife prefer you clean-shaven, José?



JM: My wife is the kind of person who prefers for me to feel comfortable. My skin is quite sensitive. To shave two consecutive days is sometimes difficult to do it in the traditional manner. And I think the Series 3, where I can shave even in the shower, is a very good solution for me.



Today, José, you work as a model. How do you feel about it?



JM: I enjoy being a model for Braun, it is something fun and different, very much unlike my usual day to day.



Is style important to you?


JM: Yes, style is important. But my concept of style is that you have to feel very good about yourself. It’s not about others; it’s about you. It’s not about what others think is good for you or your image. And for me to feel good, I need to have some self-esteem. That’s why style is a very personal thing.


Whose style do you admire the most?


JM: So many men have distinctive styles, especially the people that make standing out part of who they are. They are real pros, at this. Immediately I think of lots of movie stars and people in show business have an incredible style. I am not from that world – I’m just a sportsman and I’m different!


That being said, I look at people like Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins. In 20 years, I will be the same age as they are now so I hope in 20 years’ time, I can have the same style and the same profile they have at this moment in their 60s and 70s.


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