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give me some lip

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Skin on the lips is exceptionally thin, only 3-5 layers, compared with 16 layers for typical facial skin. Thus, it’s actually the visible blood vessels that give lips their red or rosy appearance.


Except in the case of darker skin people, lips have no melanocytes that would give them natural protection from the sun. This makes them more prone to skin cancer than many other parts of the body.


Further, excessive UV exposure causes deterioration of your lip’s collagen; the sun quite simply breaks down the supportive tissue that makes lips full, firm and kissable.  Collagen loss in the lips is usually at a rate of about 1% per year, and more if they go unprotected (think about kissing your granddad – euuww).


All this, combined with the fact that lips contain no sweat or oil glands (that would help to keep them moist). Means you ABSOLUTELY must keep them moisturized and covered up from the sun.





Remember your lips need to be exfoliated too. Product companies are now selling lip scrubs, many of which are excellent but, to be honest, the simplest and best way to keep your lips smooth is to brush them with a damp, soft bristle toothbrush every few days. But exfoliation is only part of the secret.


Here is a great at home lip treatment.



  1. Apply a generous layer of Lucas’ Papaw ointment or just plain petroleum jelly onto the lips.
  2. Dampen a very soft bristle toothbrush with warm water and then massage in the ointment or jelly using circular movements.
  3. Never be rough with the lips. It is best to stop and wipe it off to see how they are looking, then reapply and do more if required, rather than scrubbing them till they bleed.
  4. Gently wipe off the excess ointment or jelly.
  5. Mix up a small amount of equal parts full cream natural yoghurt and active Manuka Honey
  6. Apply this to your lips.
  7. After 10 to 15 minutes, get a gorgeous stranger (or your boyfriend, if you’re still doing kinky things) to lick it off – or remove with warm water.
  8. Apply another layer of Lucas Papaw ointment or a lip balm with sunscreen if you’re heading outside.
  9. Test the results.  Kiss someone…anyone!