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3 products you need right now to cleanse, repair and protect your skin!

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BIODROGA Group Shot 2
The number one reason people don’t look after their skin is because they believe, they “don’t have time”. But I’m here to tell you; skin care doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. 

This program, which is actually my own, will take you three easy minutes, twice a day. In fact, its probably healthier and less irritating on your skin, with a less is more attitude.

Can you spare six minutes to have healthy, beautiful skin?
Here are three products you need right now:

BIODROGA Cleansing Fluid

1. Clean your skin

There are lots of options available to you, from milks and gels to cleansing oils. Find one you like, but never, (ever!!) use soap. I always used a foaming cleanser as I liked that squeaky clean feeling, but after using the BIODROGA Cleansing Fluid, that gently washes away dirt and oil, I’ve never gone back to foam..

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Anti-Time Premium Concentrate

2. Repair your skin

You need to feed the skin all the ingredients it needs to repair and grow. My favourite, the Anti-Time Premium Concentrate has all the food your skin needs like stem cell protectors, peptides to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. This step is like drinking lots of water and taking your daily vitamins; it’s vital if you want your skin to look fresh, healthy and youthful. 

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BIODROGA MD Moisture Fluid

3. Protect your skin

Finally, protect your skin from the environment with a good moisturiser. I like them to be light, and non greasy, so the BIODROGA MD Perfect Hydraftion 24hr Care is perfect for me. This best selling product is fragrance free and packed with hydrating and firming ingredients.

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