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The area around the eye is extremely delicate and is always the first region to show the signs of fatigue and age. The eye skin is thin and has a lesser amount of oil gland’s than the rest of the face, so it’s normally very dehydrated from being under protected and over worked from blinking and squinting.

Dark circles however have little to do with aging. Surface veins under the skin being more visible and eyes that are deeply set into the face usually cause the appearance of dark circles. Darkness under the eyes is very hard to treat and has nothing to do with sleep and more to do with poor circulation and shading under the eye.

Using eye care that contains caffeine, light reflecting particles and vitamin K may help with dark circles, as they will stimulate circulation, strengthen capillaries and lighten the area.

I recommend the ALPHA-ENERGIZING FORMULA  “Refreshing Eye Fluid” by BIODROGA. It comes in an easy to use roll on fluid, is packed with dark circle busting ingredients and can be used several times a day.


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