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ARMANI SPORT CODE… released 7th of August

By 19/07/2011 No Comments

OK guys my seven day fragrance test is over – this consists of me wearing it every day and asking everyone I meet to smell me, even perfect strangers – which sometimes leads to awkward moments –  and the results are in….


ARMANI SPORT CODE  is even more distinct, enduring and delicious than its predecessor,  which is high praise as ARMANI CODE is one of the biggest selling mens fragrances in the world. As far as “sport” versions of popular fragrances go this is one of the better ones and is not a lazy addition to the family just to make more $$$.


Personally I don’t think it is a suitable winter fragrance (much too minty and fresh – imagine sitting out in the sun, mojito in hand) but the powers to be up there in the balmy northern hemisphere forget that it’s cold down here in the south. But there is only one more month of winter to go so don’t let this deter you from rushing out to try and buy and be ready for summer. It will be on counters in department stores and selected pharmacies the 7th of August…. Or if you see me about, come and smell me 🙂