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multi tasking is not just for women…

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Dear Will… When I shave I always end up with red and irritated skin. I use a good quality shaving cream in an aerosol can and I change my razor regularly, am I doing something wrong?


You are not alone… Most men suffer with shaving rash on their face and neck. Perhaps try swapping your alcohol based commercial shaving foam for a soap free foaming product instead. I recommend using BIODROGA Cleansing Foam, 75ml at $49. This cleanser has a bee wax base so it will soften your beard and is extremely gentle on your skin.


Shaving with your cleanser means multi-tasking and less time in the bathroom as your cleanser and shaving can be done with the same product.


It is simple to do: Wet your face, apply a small amount of the foaming cleanser into your hand, lather the cream and apply to the face. Work the cleanser in for about 60 seconds. Shave the face as normal, firstly working with the grain of the hair and then if a closer shave is desired re-lather the foam with a little warm water and shave a second time, not against the grain but try shaving at a 45-degree angle down the face.


When you are finished remove the foam with a warm cloth or jump in the shower and rinse with water.


for more information on where to find BIODROGA go to