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I get asked 5 questions on How to winterproof your body’s skin, feet and hands!

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What are the skin conditions caused during winter?

Body: Your body doesn’t have as many oil glands as your face and has to deal with aggressive cleansers and soaps that people use, so the skin on the body becomes very dry especially in winter when humidity is low and drying heaters are high.

Feet: Cracked heels can happen any time of the year but because you can cover them up in boots, feet get very neglected in winter as you slow down on your pedicures.

Hands: Low humidity will affect the protective oil on your hands so in winter these guys will get very dry, especially when they are in and out of hot water.

What are your at home top tips for preventing these conditions?

Body: You need to exfoliate your body regularly as you would your face. But stay away from using body washes and scrubs, as no matter how gentle they say they are they will still dry you out. Use half a cup of sugar and olive oil to make a beautiful nourishing body scrub and use it 3 times a week.

Feet: Buy some foot cream designed to exfoliate and soften for an overnight treatment  – look for products with glycolic acid in them. Massage the cream in, then put some socks on and in the morning the acids will have softened your dry heels.

Hands: As you are watching TV at night massage some lanolin into your hands and then put the washing up gloves on and then sit on your hands. 60 minutes should do the trick a couple of times a week.

Do you have any celeb tips for beautiful winter skin?

Winter is the time you can increase all your good oils like flaxseed so it nourishes you from the inside

What type of products or ingredients will get you through winter?

Body: Olive oil – use it everywhere; as a cleanser, mask, and on your salads. This is my favourite winter ingredient on its own or in products.

Feet: Keep up your pedicures so that when summer comes you don’t have to start all over again in getting them looking good.

Hands: Keeping hand cream beside your bed made with shea butter at the top of the ingredient list, this will keep your hands soft and protected this winter.

Can you give an opinion on any of these ingredients and why they’re good for winter?

1. Pomegranate

2. Soy

3. Vitamin E

I love all these ingredients for their powerful antioxidant powers so use lots in winter, especially Vitamin E. What you should also look at is using Lanolin. This guy gets a bad wrap in the media and by product companies but there is no other ingredient that is as much like our skins natural oils… it nourishes and protects.. and gets my tick !!