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each week i receive mail from all over the world. a couple of months back i got one telling me they thought what i did was and i quote “shallow”. The following note from a reader of dna is my simple reply :)

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“Hi Will,
your article this month in DNA made me get a big lump in my throat and choke up with tears twice over, firstly at your childhood story. One of our little boys is so damn gay; he also is there making clothes for the pet rabbit, then again he might just grow up to be a budding Alex Perry. And then I got choked up about just how bloody blessed I am. Rohan and I have been together 15 years, neither of us have ever cheated, we have four kids and still have sex. I still get excited to see him as I turn the corner into our street and he still takes my breath away with how beautiful he is. He got a big wet kiss last night, and I now appreciate why he tells me to go get groomed.


So thanks for that. Now I had better go and read the products page”.



Steve x