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ASAP skin care for men

By 02/03/2011 No Comments

I was surprised when these men’s specific products from ASAP were launched, particularly since their entire range is very non-gender specific anyway. With that in mind, I believe these “men’s” packs that contain a cleanser, scrub and sunscreen are geared more towards the male that wants to keep his skin care routine very simple, or is possibly new to grooming and doesn’t want to be confused by numerous tubes of cosmetics. The good news is the three products in this pack are very similar to their counterparts in the general range (which I love), just differing slightly in fragrance and texture; perhaps making them more “masculine” if that’s important to you?


The bad news is they each come in tubes with screw top lids instead of pumps or flip top lids. These three are definitely great products for the simple man, I am just a bit disappointed in the packaging (ASAP products in the general range come with flip-top lids or pumps so these guys that I believe are up there as one of the best Aussie skin care ranges available can do better). However, what’s in the tubes, which is what really counts, gets a Big Smile from Will!


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