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NIVEA exposes aussies and their love of the sun

The research, which was conducted amongst over 1,000 Australians for NIVEA by Lonergan Research, was commissioned to decipher the behaviour of Australians and their beach and sun care habits during summer, with some particular interesting findings about male beach habits…

  • 13% of men will hit the beach to lose the winter flab in the first days of summer – 7% will also shave or wax (backs and legs I presume) in preparation for hitting the beach.
  • Men are more likely to go without sunscreen at the beach than women. They are also less confident to ask someone of the same sex to apply their sunscreen. (they obviously didn’t do this research at North Bondi).
  • When it comes to celebs – Aussie guys would want Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron to apply their sunscreen, closely followed by Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. No mention of Tony Abbott!
  • And unless you’re as hot as Hugh Jackman, time to re-think the Speedos – old men in budgie-smugglers is one of the biggest gripes about the beach. But then so is straight couples getting too intimate – apparently lesbian couples are ok – hahah!
Will Fennell

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BEAUTY & GROOMING EXPERT By the age of 14, having grown up stealing his sister’s skin care and make-up to experiment with on his friends, Will Fennell, grooming expert for Channel Seven, knew his destiny was nothing less than “the pursuit of my own and others’ flawless complexions”!

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