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when you have a peanut butter addiction like me, you need Vibe & Tone

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Francesca Marigonda from Vibe & Tone in Paddington looks sweet but don’t be fooled by that smile. I rocked up to one of her Power Plate classes last week thinking to myself  ”this is sissy-housewife stuff” and left 33 minutes later barely able to walk down the stairs. I think I actually squealed at one point as she made me do the last 30 seconds of a static hold lunge on the vibrating plate and then I lost all sense of masculine pride when the ladies around me began to out-crunch, out-curl and out-lift me. Next time, if they know what’s good for them (or want to stay looking young – you know who you are) they will let me win… well you cant really “win” but i still intend on doing so!! If you are bored with the gym, or just want to try something really, really cool then check out her website at and come do a class with me. If you don’t live in Sydney then google your closest power plate studio. As for you Miss Francesca and the lovely ladies…. I’ll see you Friday – bring it on !