will joins the XWEAR family…

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Kim Bygrave the man behind Aussie swimwear label  “Xwear”, recently approached me to be involved with the brand. My first thought was what can I do to help?… Fluff the models before the shoots?… Fake tan them flawlessly, ensuring the perfect tan line?… Tie their drawstrings properly?… Apparently not any of these thankless jobs, he had other ideas.

Each month I am going to answer all the grooming/health questions from their newsletter readers and give out some useful tips on how to look good in your Xwear apparel. I am also waiting for Kim to ask me to throw on a pair (or eighteen) of his little shorty shorts and do a shoot for him… maybe sometime soon, when I have run off all the Easter chocolate i have gorged myself on this weekend.

I am looking forward to an exciting year partnering with Xwear, as I love the direction they are going in. Check out the funky range and my editorial at by clicking on the picture underneath and while you’re there make sure you sign up for the newsletter!

click the pic to go to my article at

click the pic to go to my article at