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a blast from the past / 2005

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I found this pic and interview I did with DNA when I was on Queer Eye..

Will Fennell

Will Fennell is the gorgeous grooming dude from Aussie Queer Eye for The Straight Guy.

We quizzed him about behind-the-scenes shenanigans, his mum and eye gel!

By Andrew Creagh.

DNA: Are you pleased with how Aussie Queer Eye has turned out?

So proud. To be honest, I had no concept of how it would all be put together over the 45 minutes. The editors do a great job.

What’s it like seeing yourself on TV? Are you more or less camp than you imagined?

Well, I’m the butchest of the five! I did tell the world that I’m an Australian Princess in the first episode. I was watching it with my mum and we both laughed because I used to have a T-shirt that said, “Because I’m a princess!” It was actually my mum who persuaded me to audition for Queer Eye. After we watched the first episode I said, “Did you like that?” and she burst into tears.

Your mum has a great beauty tip, doesn’t she?

Yes! She says you’ll always look young and fresh if you make sure that all your friends are older than you!

Was the audition process gruelling?

I was at the first audition and I was one of the first of the cast they chose, which really surprised me because at the auditions, lot of people were trying to be Carson. That night I said to mum, “I don’t think I’m gay enough.” And she said, “Of course you are!”

The thing about Carson is that he’s not putting it on. He’s really like that and the producers just wanted people to be themselves. We’re just being ourselves. We forget that the cameras are there. I say things I don’t mean to and they end up in the show. I have to be more careful.

Who is your favourite of the other four Queer Eye boys?

I love them all equally.

No nice stuff! You must name one!

Okay… I would have to say Ryan [the foodie] , but simply because we’ve known each other longer than the rest. We were the first two cast so we’ve spent more time together. Ryan has a big personality and he has a point of view and so do I and we love a heated discussion. We don’t fight.

And the rest of the team?

We spend all day together working and then we all go out for dinner at night. They are my new best friends. We are like brothers.

Who’s been your favourite of the straight blokes so far?

Kevin. He’s in the second episode in the series but he was the first episode we shot. I had no idea the effect he was going to have on me. It’s not just a show where we give people things… we helped someone. He had hit rock bottom. When I watched the tape I just cried. I couldn’t explain it.

Many people had very low expectations about Aussie Queer Eye. Why?

It’s a remake of something that’s already been so bloody good. I even wondered if we could pull it off to be honest. We all went away for a weekend and when I saw us all together I realised we’d be all right. It took them a long time to find us all. And I’m glad they took that long because none of the show is scripted, it’s just us and if we didn’t get on, it wouldn’t work. If people have low expectations of the show I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they watch it.

What’s your tip for surviving a big party weekend?

If you’re going to keep going from one party to the next, go home and have a shower, have a protein shake or a juice, use a multivitamin repair mask, drink lots of water and possibly put on some under eye gel. You can get some now that contains caffeine. That stimulates blood flow.

What kind of guys do you date?

I love older men. All my boyfriends have been older than me. I like the Bruce Willis type: short cropped hair, rugged, slightly dark.